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written by Claire Tammaro


Community Gifting 2021

Community Gifting:  We will be sponsoring three families this holiday season who are in need of a little extra help! If you can find it in your hearts to support others from this community, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Seth and daughter: Wishlist Here

Please consider helping to support an incredible husband and father this holiday season. Who bravely and fiercely facing the loss of Dana, his beloved wife and mother to their five year old daughter. She passed over the weekend.

Seth is a passionate elementary school teacher who has spent the last 10+ years caring for his wife. Their daughter is a vibrant, happy five year old who loves dance and all things Disney.

Your support will help make their transition to a family of two a bit easier, and allow them to focus their time to each other, as they work to heal and grieve.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity during this difficult time.

The Winfreys:

Five years ago my Sara’s husband injured his back which resulted in 2 surgeries. Amongst that and other things they have struggled and come close to losing everything.

They have two daughters now ages 8 & 4.

Sara and her husband are both very strong people whom do not liking to ask for help, but their children deserve to feel the magic of Christmas and to feel not the stress and anxiety over paying to keep food on the table or buying Christmas gifts.

Sara’s husband is unfortunately out of work again due to his back.

”I just can’t look my daughters in the eye and tell them there won’t be a Christmas this year for us.” – Sara

If you could find it in your heart to donate or buy something off Sara’s family’s wishlist, it would be incredibly helpful.

“.God bless you all for being so generous and spreading what Christmas and the holidays are really about.” -Sara

Wishlist for the Winfrey’s here

Meet Sarah, Brain and family:

Together, Sarah, Brian, Caius, Lennox and Nova will face a long recovery and will need a great deal of support. As Sarah is just starting on this journey, there is a lot of unknown ahead. This family would help anyone in need and have never asked for anything. Please consider donating to Sarah’s Amazon wish list to help give her family the Christmas they deserve!

Sarah (41) and Brian have a beautiful family with 3 elementary aged children. Recently, concerns for Sarah’s health had arose. There were just a few symptoms such as an enlarged lymph node, shortness of breath, and fatigue. She met with her primary care doctor and all of her symptoms pointed to an autoimmune disorder, Sarcoidosis. Her doctor ordered a lung biopsy to confirm that diagnosis and discuss treatment options. Unfortunately, the news was not what anyone expected. Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 leiomyosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Through scans, the primary location of the cancer has been found in her stomach however the tumor is inoperable. She started chemotherapy on October 25th.

Donate to Sarah’s family here

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