Seven Helpful Tips on How to Communicate With Your Hairstylist

written by Claire Tammaro

How to Communicate With Your Hairstylist:
First I want to say it’s important to REMEMBER when going into a hair salon that hairstylists are NOT mind readers nor magicians so be mindful and realistic about what you are asking for!
•A consultation is the most important part of your hair appointment. Keep in mind that stylists are educated and trained in HAIR. We live, breathe, sleep and have seen it all so please respect our advice and opinions…..

1. Tell your stylish what you love/hate about your hair. This can be made more clear with a picture (could even be of yourself). Find a picture of something you LOVE and something you hate. Maybe you love warm tones but hate ashy tones. Maybe you love long layers and hate blunt cuts. If you feel like you don’t have the “words” to say it show them a visual! I PROMISE they won’t be offended! 

2. When it comes to color, compare the tonality to something like food…for example butter, caramel, honey, peach, etc. All eyes see color differently. If you see “yellow” I may see “gold”. Comparing the color to an adjective that describes something can be a very helpful perspective! 

3. Be realistic in what you are asking for. Is your skin more warm or cool? Do you have thin fine hair or course and thick? If you are bringing your stylist a picture of Kim Kardashian but your coloring is more like Scarlett Johansson then maybe your expecting something that’s completely out of reach. This can be a slippery slop of doom and disappointment. Try to choose pictures of someone who has more realistic expectations to your coloring! One helpful tip in regards: After choosing a picture of someone you love, place your thumb over their face. Ask yourself, “Do I still love this cut/color?”. A lot of times we get tricked into just liking photos of beautiful people (drawn into the makeup/ features on their face). After their face is covered their hair might not seen as special!

4. MOST PICTURES HAVE FILTERS! Most images seen on Instagram or Pinterest have a filter! EXAMPLE the first photo on this post has ZERO FILTER but the next one DOES. What a difference right? Again be aware of this. It’s trickery! I will also add, the person with the cut you want may have it curled with extensions, you can’t see what it looks like straight or without extensions (for that matter). Maybe you would hate it straight and only like it curled. Are you willing to style it like like every day?

5. Have patience. Be prepared to spend money and time. A lot of styles that are “trending” may require HOURS of lifting and toning! Most are NOT attainable in one appointment. From a stylists perspective…Time is money. If you are on a budget or time constraint make sure to tell your stylist: “This is how much I have to spend in X amount of time, what can I do today to get to where I want to be.”

6. Make a plan, together. Be loyal to your stylist! Didn’t get exactly where you wanted to be today? Ask your stylist when the best time to rebook with her is. This creates a roadmap to get you where you want to be! Your hair will thank you for taking it slow!

7. As mentioned before, stylists can’t read minds, you have to make sure to tell them what you want! If you want highlights underneath TELL THEM, how can they know if you don’t ask? Don’t penalize them or complain about something you didn’t ask for initially! Be direct. They will love and respect you for it.

Hope this helps you next time your in a salon chair! Know the people behind the chair LIVE to make you happy! Loyalty to your stylist can be a huge gift to both of you. The more your stylist gets to know you (and your hair), the more they get to know how your hair responds to different cuts, colors, and products which in turn helps create a better future for your gorgeous locks!

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