Mothers Day Gift Guide

written by Claire Tammaro
Thinking Clairezy Mothers Day Gift Guide

Buying gifts is hard. Buying a gift for the women in your life that literally do it all is even harder.

I’ve gotten my fair share of lackluster gifts and, as a mom for over 6 years now and a daughter for over 30, I have some great ideas for unique gifts that won’t collect dust in a closet somewhere. From the happy hour mom to the untraditional grandmother, I’ve got you covered!

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The Coffee Mom

I know, every mom loves/needs coffee. Coffee can literally be our lifesaver some day! Gift her with a new vessil for keeping that precious coffee warm or a special flavor (did someone say Chocolate Creme Brulee?, or (every mom’s dream) an espresso machine!

The Organized Mom

The organized mom deserve something to make all her efforts feel appreciated! Gift her with some erasable markers, a keychain pen for on-the-go reminders, an erasable planner, or some fun new magnets for all the fridge notes.

The Happy Hour Mom

For those that count down the hour until it’s cocktail hour, these gifts are for her. Treat her to some adorable drink stirrers, stylish coasters for the whole crowd, and one can never have too many cute shakers.

The Stylish Mom

This is the fashionable mom that looks effortless put together even at 7AM in the school drop-off line. Gift her something she can easily add to her arsenal of accessories like a custom bracelet, a jewelry tray, or a travel jewelry organizer.

The Untraditional Grandmother

If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandmother (or great grandmother!) in your life, she deserves something extra special. Treat her to a new stylish apron, a colorful pair of vases, or a sparkly insulator pack for her favorite bottle of wine!

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