My Botox/ Juvederm Experience

written by Claire Tammaro

First I’ll start out by saying I don’t think anyone needs Botox to be beautiful! I am a firm believer that being beautiful is about how you feel in your own skin. Having said that, the wrinkles on my forehead bothered me daily. Making me not feel good or confident! A year ago I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Discoid Lupus. Due to this I was left with a scar on my forehead that makes me feel very self-conscious! Getting Botox has helped immensely with smoothing the lines around the scar and makes it easier to cover up.

I found a Groupon for my first round of Botox. I should have done more research but the place looked like it had great reviews and it was only 4.50 a unit for Dysport (a cheaper alternative to Botox).  As I sit over an hour in the waiting room for a consultation, I started to get nervous. The waiting room was filled with all beautiful woman, except one woman who looked like she’d been injected too much and was not happy.

My name was called, we went back. Discussed my medical history and talked about wanting to get rid of the lines on my forehead. He tried to upsell me and tell me I needed my crows feet done but I’m 32 and just wanted to start slow. I’m glad I did! I still wanted my face to move!

Aftter the consultation we go into another room where he would inject the Botox. He marked dots on my head as to where he would inject. He said he could raise my brows (which I was super excited about)! As he was about to inject, a woman (the one who looked super unhappy and overinjected in the waiting room) barged through the door screaming :


Can you Imagine?? One, being her and two, BEING ME! The doctor put the syringe down calmly to attend to her.  I panicked and bolted to get my belongings and money back! I also did not want to be part of an altercation! We were in a small room with needles!

As wiggled my way out to the reception area (almost in tears) I was stopped by the doctor who assured me this never happens and that the woman had a bad reaction to filler. He told me he would completely understand if I left but he just needed to attend to her and then would move onto me.  I had dotted marker all over my face.

As I waited to think about it, five woman in the waiting room assured me I would be ok. So I stayed. The procedure took less than five minutes BUT I did not pay attention to how much he used or what he was doing. Something I will definitely pay attention to next time. The results came in 14 days later and I loved it, I could not move my eyebrows which is a slightly addictive feeling. After the initial shock wore off of having no wrinkles I did notice my eyebrows were slightly different. One was higher than the other. In the meantime, I while back I had bought another Groupon for Juvederm (filler) for my lips. (I know you must think I’m crazy). When I went to that appointment I wanted to talk to them about fixing my eyebrow. The doctor here was very honest she assured me even though I had a crazy experience at the last place, the Doctor had done a good job and she just put a few units over my one brow to lift it. I am so happy with the results!

Aside from my crazy story I have heard others have some pretty terrifying stories. Botox is not always applied correctly, this could result in droopy eyes. In fact, I know someone who went to the same place as me and she got “droopy” eyes (meaning her eyebrows dropped). Some way say the excuse is “some people react badly to botox” but that not necessarily the case. Their answer is to inject more, charge you more and possibly make the results worse! My advice is to wait! Let the botox wear off first before trying to correct it. The good news is Botox is not permeant! After my friend emailed a trusted doctor about her now “droppy eyes” the doctor explained:

It was most likely injected too low on her forehead. That usually causes a heavy brow. Also, whenever we inject the forehead we always inject between the eyebrows as well because of the orientation of the muscles. I would let it wear off and then assess you for how many units I would recommend, as well as where we will inject. I definitely do not think it is just how you react to Botox, it is how, where, and how much was injected that causes a heavy brow.”

So, having said all this do your research! Do not just go because its affordable. Make sure you assess where you are going and how much experience the person has! As for my lips and the Juvederm, I love the results but it HURTS!! Takes about 20 minutes and they do numb you. The results give my lips a plumpness that I never had before. It lasts an entire year or more.  I also did get very bruised! So don’t do it before an event!

Hope my story can help prevent you from making the same mistakes!

  1. Do your research
  2. Get a clear understating of where the doctor/nurse will inject you
  3. Ask them to show you how much they are using in the syringe
  4. Don’t let anyone upsell you, start slow you can always add more!

Hope this helps!!

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