NAVY Haircare with Claire

written by Claire Tammaro
NAVY Hair Care with Claire

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I get asked about my hair in my DMs almost daily. And let me tell you, as a hair stylist, I only reach for NAVY Haircare for myself and my clients because I want everyone to have a perfect hair day…everyday. This post will highlight my favorite products and tutorials. Always use code CLAIREZY for 30% off your order. Shop the post below.

NAVY Hair Care with Claire

Search & Rescue

Type: Shampoo + Conditioner

Benefit: For all hair types

Good hair starts with a good wash. I always recommend starting with NAVY’s Search & Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner. Whether your hair is damaged, recovering from postpartum, or color-treated, this duo is for you.

NAVY Hair Care with Claire

Pebble Beach

Type: Dry Texture Spray

Benefit: Body & Texture

My “Holy Grail” of hair styling products that smells AMAZING.

After drying and styling, lift your hair and allow the layers to fall while you spritz the spray. Then, tousle your hair for a finished and stylish look. 

NAVY Hair Care with Claire

Style Navigator

Type: Prep and Finish Spray

Benefit: Tangly/Dry Hair & Static and Shine

Spray in hair wet and it combs through like butter. Also has a UV and heat protectant in it!

NAVY Hair Care with Claire


Type: Styling Foam

Benefit: Volume and Shine


Made with Argan oil, Green Tea and Aloe to  hydrate your hair, this foam is for people who want a smooth and voluminous shine after they blow-dry.

NAVY Hair Care with Claire

Swell Cream

Type: Styling and Thickening Cream

Benefit: Thickens & conditions


My favorite! I use on wet hair and on days between washes to tame my mane and extend my hairstyle.

NAVY Hair Care with Claire


Type: Hairspray

Benefit: Flexible


This spray is for when you want a natural looking hold on your hairstyle without any crunchy or hardness.

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