Old Navy Share

written by Claire Tammaro
Old Navy Share Petite Midsize

For reference: I’m 5’2″ sized 8/10 and Medium top

Share Week Participants: @thinkingclairezy, @christina_onthedaily, @corrine_monique, @shelbysaywhatblog, @thebelleofthebudget

Watch my full Midsize Old Navy Try-on on Instagram.

Last week, I participated in an Old Navy Share with some amazing women! I love Old Navy because their clothes are affordable, stylish, AND inclusive. Not only do they carry petite and tall sizes in most of their popular items, they recently added sizing up to 4X to all their stores and have them incorporated into the”regular” sizing (how cool is that?!). They also run really good sales very often. I rarely pay full-price for Old Navy and their shipping is very quick. Plus, returns are super easy as you can return in-stores.

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