Point Friendly Gravy (spaghetti sauce)

written by Claire Tammaro

What you need:

30 Roma Tomatoes or 1 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes

tsp Kosher Salt

4 Cloves of Garlic

Medium Onion

1/3 tsp Oregano

1/4 cup Red Wine

Tbsp Sugar (or Stevia)

Red Pepper Flakes

2 Tbsp of olive oil

Fresh Basil Leaves


I had tomatoes from my neighbors garden. I’d say there was roughly 30 Roma Tomatoes. If you don’t have fresh tomatoes, you can use a 24-28 oz can of crushed tomatoes. If you are using a can-skip this part!

Put tomatoes in soup pot and bring to a boil. Let them boil until the skin starts to fall off and strain.

Places Tomatoes in blender or vita-mix and blend. I leave the skin on!

Finely chop onion, and garlic and cook in 2 TBSP olive oil until soft and fragrant.

Add tomato mixture

Add wine, basil leaves, red pepper flakes, oregano and sugar keep on simmer for 90 mins.

You can add tomato paste to thicken it but I love the light consistency of it!

Counting as 2 points for 1 cup!



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