Ways to Save in 2020

written by Claire Tammaro

Some Ways to Save: January 2020 

Instead of dropping tons of dough at the grocery store weekly, check your freezer! Does anyone else buy a ton of food, stock it away in your freezer and forget about it? Well now it’s the time to cut down on your grocery bill and start defrosting! 

On a day you can get away with it wear a naked face OR better yet use the makeup residue on your brush or beauty blender (from the day before)! Just spray it with toner or water, apply and you’ll be shocked at the coverage you can get! 

Go to the library! It’s free. They almost always have a play area for kids or a fun story time! 

Drink less alcohol. Enough said. Pour some seltzer in a wine glass and pretend it’s a cocktail. It will make you AND your wallet less bloated!

Delete apps or mute emails you get from your favorite stores. When I see a 50% off notification I sometimes feel like I NEED to buy something. Out of sight, out of mind! 

Go out less. You’ll use your wallet less. Find a good show to binge or a good book to read this month.

Pack your lunches and plan your meals. To get excited about a new menu buy a cheap magazine with recipes to inspire yourself! 

Wash your hair less or if you feel like you need to wash your hair every day skip shampoo and just rinse with conditioner! 

Go shopping in your closet. You literally will find stuff you forgot about at the bottom of your drawers! 

Make your own coffee. I’ve shared it100 times but my 14.99 frother is the best thing I’ve ever purchased! I actually prefer the coffee I make at home over Starbucks! 

Repurpose things you already have in your house (like a table, rug, or lamp). It’s almost as good as buying something new! Rearrange your living room or family room just to spice it up!

Change out the photos in your frames it only costs a few dollars at your pharmacy and it makes your house feel fresh and new! 

Have a picnic in your living room instead of going out to eat. Make fun snacks and watch a movie! 

Fill clear mason jars with lemons, limes, clementine’s or fruit instead of buying fresh flowers! 

Get crafty! Paint a dresser or change out the hardware instead of buying something new! 

Ask your hairdresser to only throw a few highlights in the front (every other time if you can get away with it) of your hair to brighten it up but not spend the whole shebang every time! 

Go through your garage or basement purge and sell. This will not only keep you busy enough to avoid Target but it can make you some cash! 

Eat more apples. I’m not sure why this will make you spend less, I just like to keep one in my purse and it keeps me from buying stupid snacks I don’t need to buy. 

My last tip is to AVOID TARGET at all costs! Need I say more? 

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