Weekly Grocery List (Nov 1st) :

written by Claire Tammaro


Greek Salad Wraps (1 low carb wrap with Grilled Chicken, mixed greens, red onion, tomato FF Feta cheese, and tsp olive oil)

Hard-boiled egg, Turkey Pepperoni, cucumber , cherry tomatoes, grapes, Greek yogurt dip, pretzels, mini peppers

Mixed Greens with apples, chickpeas, ff feta cheese, red onion, cucumber, mini peppers sliced, salt, pepper, and 1 olive oil. Eat with a roll or pita

Spinach, Fat Free Feta, Chicken Sausage, Mini sliced Red Pepper, Red Onion and Cucumber (you can eat on a wrap or with a roll)


Grilled Chicken with Spinach with Parmesan- Bread Crumb

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

Taco Stuffed Peppers: Cut tops off and Bake Green Peppers at 400 for 15 minutes. Cook ground Turkey, Taco Seasoning, Onion until golden brown. Add half jar of Siete Queso (found in vegan section)and mix through. Add Califlower rice to bottm of pepper and then add turkey mixture to peppers and cook another 20 minutes or until desired. Add salsa and FF Greek Yogurt to top when serve! 

Quesadilla Pizza: Low carb wrap, turkey pepperoni, tomato sauce, FF Mozzarella, basil. I cook mine on the stove with FF olive oil on the pan. (You could also do 2 ingredient dough)





Mixed Greens 

Minced Garlic 

Onions (3 pounds)

Red Onion


Cherry Tomatos

Green Peppers (I make 4 for stuffed peppers) 

Cauliflower Rice (I get frozen)

Mini Peppers


Eggs (I also buy hard boiled)

FF Greek Yogurt

FF Cheddar Cheese

FF Mozzerella Cheese

FF Feta

Seite Queso (actually in vegan section)


Grilled Chicken (get enough for one dinner and 1 lunch)

Ground Turkey

Turkey Pepperoni

Chicken Sausage Links


French Roll (to eat with soup) I like to keep it around 4 points

Low Carb Wrap (1 point)

Kontos Pita (4 points)

Soup/ canned Isle:

3 cups Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth 

3 cups reduced sodium beef broth 

Tomato Sauce (for pizza) I like Classio its ½ cup for 2 points


Ranch or Onion Soup Packet 

If you don’t have already:

(If you are doing WW these all these ingredients are great to have because they are in a ton of other recipes!)

Olive Oil 

Bread Crumbs (fresh or any kind)

Parmesan Cheese

Unsalted butter

Fino sherry

Fresh Thyme

Bay Leaf


Low sodium Soy Sauce


My snack of the week:

Pretzels with the left over Siete queso from the stuffed pepper. I try not to buy too many snacks because I habe no self control! 

Sweet Treat:

Chocolate Hummus with Apples (If they don’t have the Humus then get SF Chocolate pudding and dip the apples in that)

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